A-bomb Survivors

The power of individual testimony can inspire action and strengthen our determination to make nuclear abolition a reality. “Testimonies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Women Speak Out for Peace” is a testament of hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) who experienced the bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945, and their cries for peace.


Introduction | 3min 49sec


Kikue Shiota | 9min 10sec

Kikue Shiota

Michiyo Yoshimoto | 5min 17sec

Michiyo Yoshimoto

Ayako Kozuka | 8min 17sec

Ayako Kozuka

Pok Soon Kwak | 6min 38sec

Pok Soon Kwak


Introduction | 4min 20sec


Sueko Takada | 11min 32sec

Sueko Takada

Aiko Kori | 9min 12sec

Aiko Kori

Kazumi Niwa | 9min 40sec

Kazumi Niwa

Toyomi Hashimoto | 8min 41sec

Toyomi Hashimoto

About this DVD

About this DVD

*Voice-over video clips in German can be viewed on the SGI Germany's website.

Copies of this DVD are available free of charge for use in educational activities. Please contact us for further information.

Series of 3 articles originally published in the Japan Times

The following testimonies by atomic bomb survivors (hibakusha) were originally from the 20-volume series "With Hopes for Peace" which was compiled by the Soka Gakkai Women's Peace Committee.

From “Women Against War”

Women Against War

Title Author Place
My Daughters Yasu Takeuchi Hiroshima
The Dream of Hide-and-Seek Kikuno Egi Hiroshima
The Scars Remain Kikue Tada Hiroshima
Momma Dead Mayumi Yoshida Hiroshima

From “Cries for Peace”

Women Against War

Title Author Place
Endless, Mute Parade of the Injured Tatsuko Mori Hiroshima
Flame and Black Rain Satoko Matsumoto Hiroshima
Intolerable Recollections Izumi Izuhiro Hiroshima
Courage of Desperation Kazuko Matsumuro Hiroshima
Miraculous Survival Eiichi Sakogoshi Hiroshima
Earthly Hell Chizuko Kijima Hiroshima
The Illness That Followed Mitsuko Hatano Hiroshima
The Duty of the Survivors Sumoko Kirihara Hiroshima
Inertia Overcome Kuniso Hatanaka Hiroshima
Obligation To Testify Atsuko Yamamoto Hiroshima
Overcoming Suffering and Discrimination Mihoko Takeuchi Hiroshima
Poisoned Before Birth Yoshinori Yamashita Hiroshima
On the First Rescue Train Mankichi Matsuyama Nagasaki
Double Death Sentence Shigetaka Iwanaga Nagasaki
Hopeless Attempts to Help Kakuji Miyazaki Nagasaki
Sad Reunion Masaki Morimoto Nagasaki
Helpless Kimiko Tanaka Nagasaki
Hellish Years After Hellish Days Toyomi Hashimoto Nagasaki
Proof of My Death Komaichi Taniyama Nagasaki
A Family That Experienced Both Tsugiya Umebayashi Nagasaki
The Miracle of Loving Care Etsuko Fujimura Nagasaki
Glass Reminders Masako Okawa Nagasaki

Archive 2009

A three-part series in The Japan Times | 2009
SGI recently launched a three-part series in The Japan Times, the leading English-language newspaper in Japan, in which hibakusha describe their experiences and opinions regarding current nuclear weapons issues.

Archive 2005

DVD of women's testimonies from Hiroshima and Nagasaki | 2005
In 2005, the Soka Gakkai Women's Peace Committee in Japan filmed 31 female war survivors from all over Japan talking about their experiences and compiled a DVD of eight of their accounts for educational purposes. From 2009 a multi-language version of this resource was made available.

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