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Believing that lasting peace can only be forged in the hearts and minds of the people of the world, Daisaku Ikeda has engaged in dialogue with leading figures of every realm of international society for more than 30 years. His actions stem from his faith in people's limitless ability to cast bridges of friendship and trust across the chasms of our differences, and from the conviction that the accumulated weight of such endeavors will eventually tip the global scales toward peace.

Excerpts from Daisaku Ikeda's proposals

Every year Ikeda issues proposals exploring from a Buddhist view the global challenges of peace and human security.

・ Toward a New Era of Value Creation (2010) "Toward a world without nuclear weapons"

My proposals should be considered as a series of steps to overcome and transform the thinking that justifies nuclear weapons and to strengthen the momentum toward their abolition. more...

・ Building Global Solidarity Toward Nuclear Abolition (2009)

If nuclear weapons epitomize the forces that would divide and destroy the world, they can only be overcome by the solidarity of ordinary citizens, which transforms hope into the energy to create a new era. more...

・ Toward Humanitarian Competition: A New Current in History (2009) "Shared efforts for nuclear abolition"

We must always bear in mind the fact that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) does not give the five nuclear-weapon states the right to retain their “special” status indefinitely. more...

・ Humanizing Religion, Creating Peace (2008) "Creating the Infrastructures of Peace"

Equally essential to nuclear abolition is establishing consensus within the international community regarding the fundamental illegality of nuclear weapons. more...

・ Restoring the Human Connection: The First Step to Global Peace (2007) "The Will to Disarm"

We can never lose sight of the fact that any effective movement toward general nuclear disarmament must be predicated on the good-faith efforts of those who already possess these weapons. more...

・ Fulfilling the Mission: Empowering the UN to live up to the world's expectations (2006) "Sharing purpose"

Nuclear weapons threaten humanity's right to existence and are therefore an absolute evil; their abolition is humanity's common duty. more...


Ikeda's writings on issues concerning nuclear abolition have been published in many media outlets.


On September 8, 2007, a Civil Society Peace Forum "Abolishing Nuclear Weapons: What Can Each of Us Do?" was held in New York City, USA, commemorating the 50th anniversary of second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda's 1958 declaration calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons. At this forum an SGI-sponsored exhibition, "From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit," was on view. The exhibition was shown, the following year, at the United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland. The following are messages that Ikeda sent to the openings of the exhibition, in which he stresses the importance of dialogue.


Ikeda is a pioneering champion of dialogue as a means to bridge cultural divides and seek solutions to global issues facing humanity. He has conducted extensive dialogues, many of which have been published, with leading representatives of the worlds of education, culture, politics, the sciences and the arts.

More than 50 of Ikeda's dialogues have been published in book form. Choose Life, his dialogue with British historian Arnold Toynbee, whom he first met in 1972, has been published in 28 languages.

Ikeda has conducted dialogues with Dr. Joseph Rotblat, Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. David Krieger, all distinguished scientists and leaders in the field of peace work.

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