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Soka Gakkai Youth in Japan Host Lecture Series on Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

On February 1, 2010, Soka Gakkai youth members held one of a series of peace lectures at the Josei Toda International Center in Tokyo, Japan, titled "Toward Nuclear Abolition: Now Is the Time for Us to Stand Up for Peace."

In her remarks, guest lecturer and Peace Depot Secretary-General Keiko Nakamura noted that the nuclear weapons issue is not limited to the field of international politics but is rather something that every citizen should think about. She emphasized that simply aiming to get rid of all nuclear weapons is not enough. What is necessary is for the people to realize a world which understands that nuclear weapons are not needed at all for the protection of humanity.

On February 8, David Krieger, president of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and the keynote speaker, delivered a lecture titled "A Message to Youth: Live to Your Full Capacity and Save the Planet" at the Nagasaki Shimbun Hall. Dr. Krieger emphasized that as long as people continue to live under the threat of nuclear weapons, human security cannot be guaranteed. He also stated, "We [Dr. David Krieger and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda] espoused the principle of choosing hope, rather than succumbing to ignorance, apathy or despair. Hope gives rise to action, and action, in turn, gives rise to hope. Our shared hope includes the goal of building a more peaceful world, free of nuclear weapons --a daunting but essential goal. I stand with Daisaku Ikeda in choosing hope. I'm sure that you stand with him as well."

On February 10, Akira Kawasaki, member of the Executive Committee of the Tokyo-based NGO Peace Boat, delivered a lecture at the Kanagawa Peace Hall. He emphasized the importance of civil societies serving as key actors in transforming government policies and creating a nuclear-free world.

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