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We Should Have Inaccurate Nuclear Weapons?

Pagosa Daily Post
May 1, 2017
By Jerry Modisette

The global nuclear disarmament movement is largely comprised of agreements between the United States and the former Soviet Union (SALT 1 & START 1) and between the United States and the Russian Federation (New START), and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The NPT was originally negotiated in 1968 and extended indefinitely in 1995. India, Pakistan, Israel, and South Sudan are the only members of the United Nations who did not join in the treaty. North Korea withdrew from the treaty in 2003 after detonating nuclear devices in violation. The central provision of the NPT says: “The NPT non-nuclear-weapon states agree never to acquire nuclear weapons and the NPT nuclear-weapon states in exchange agree to share the benefits of peaceful nuclear technology and to pursue nuclear disarmament aimed at the ultimate elimination of their nuclear arsenals.”
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