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Confident nuclear Pakistan

January 27, 2017
By Maryam Zubair

In late May of 1998, Pakistan conducted six nuclear tests and overtly demonstrated its nuclear weapon capability. This was a move necessitated by the testing of nuclear weapons by its traditional enemy, India, a few weeks earlier. As a country with a history of conflicts and insecurity vis-ŗ-vis its bigger neighbour, attaining nuclear weapon capability was understood to work as the key balancer of power on the nuclear level, with the hope that chances of future war on conventional level would be eradicated. Given the conventional power imbalance between Pakistan and India, the former could not hope to secure itself against the latter in the event of a full-blown war. Thus, at the end of the twentieth century and some fifty years after Pakistanís inception, nuclear weapons came to become a crucial component of Pakistanís overall security architecture against India.
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