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Another arms race? No and nyet

February 20, 2018
By Maggie Tennis and Strobe Talbott

"If they stop, we’ll stop.” That’s what Donald Trump said in a discussion of the newly released Nuclear Posture Review at a briefing for state and local officials last week. Trump justified the expansion of the U.S. nuclear force to get “far ahead” of other countries who are modernizing and proliferating their arsenals. Trump ignores America’s responsibility since the dawn of the atomic age to avoid Armageddon and maintain a commitment to arms control and nonproliferation. His words suggest willingness in both the administration and Congress to risk key nuclear treaties, like the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction (New START) Treaty, for the sake of muscle-flexing and displays of military might.
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